Just a quick head’s up… I’m currently in the process of updating the club’s website. The old site, while nice looking, was hand coded and so it took a little time to update. The past design also meant that I had to be sitting in front of my home computer to update files and information. I’ve decided to switch over to a content-managed system so that a lot of the coding is handled by templates and plug-ins. I’ll also be able to access and update the site remotely so that the latest content is always available.

That said, depending on when you visit, you might see completely different versions of the site. I still have all of the old files, and I will transfer the content over as fast as possible. This shouldn’t take more than a few days, and I hope to have everything done by June 6. So please wait until next week before submitting feature requests and bug notifications.

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  1. I’ll be there, albeit a bit before lunch. Got some errands to run first thing in the morning.

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