Welcome to the NAVWC

Welcome to The North Alabama Volkswagen Club. Our group is made up of water and aircooled Volkswagen enthusiasts from North Alabama and the surrounding areas. Together, we formed the NAVWC to help promote and spread our passion for VW’s. We also gather together to discuss what’s new in the world of Volkswagen, check out each other’s rides, cruise, and sometimes just hang out.

If you’d like some more information on the North Alabama Volkswagen Club, please contact us or check out our membership section. You can also come sit in on one of our monthly business meetings or our informal Get-Togethers and cruises throughout the year. The locations are subject to change, so check the meeting section before heading out to make sure we’re there!

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  1. Just read Jason Kerr’s letter to the editor in my latest Hot VW’s magazine. I just wanted to let you all know that it’s folks like you that make owning a classic/vintage Volkswagen more that just a hobby!! I don’t live in Alabama and I’m not affiliated with your club… but I do own a Karmann Ghia –a ’68 like the one you got for Jason; a splendid choice of year, in my humble opinion (grin!)– and this slim link to you is a refreshing reminder that nobody has to go it alone. Whether it’s surviving a tornado or getting the honey-do list knocked out, it’s a comfort and blessing to know you can call somebody for help… or, better, know that people will “have your back.” Kudos to all of you, and God bless!!!

    Very Respectfully,
    Daniel S. Mosemann, Jr

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