1969 Beetle for sale

Club members Jason Kerr and Tim Donahoo have a ’69 Beetle for sale.
It has already been disassembled pretty much down to the last bolt. The pans have both been replaced. The entire car is all there and in great shape. The only missing parts are both front and rear fenders (The previous owner had planned to replace with early fenders). The car has been stored inside since 1994, and it has been kept pretty much in some sort of storage, either garage, storage rental, or trailer the entire time. The only rust on the car is a quarter size hole on the package shelf between the engine firewall and behind the back seat, basically the cargo floor. The engine is a stock single port that ran when the car was disassembled and still spins free and has compression. The trany also spins well. This is by far the most solid barn find I have ever seen. Please feel free to share the photos and ask anyone to make an offer. Tim and Jason are asking $2500. If interested, please call Jason: 256-656-4428







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