Bug’n in July 2014 Results

The North Alabama Volkswagen Club would like to thank everyone that attendedĀ our 15th Annual Bug’n in July charity car show. Though it looked as though it might rain all day, there was only a brief shower in the morning and we ended up having another great show. We hope everyone had a great time and we’d like to congratulate the following winners of this year’s Bug’n in July:

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Top 40 Winner, Top 40 Winners
Bert Knupp,Mark Sherman
J.C. Ludwig,Ron Stedman
Marc Yearwood,Dennis Stieffel
Matt Wedgman,Michael Brown
Lucas Howlett,Sandra Howlett
Kevin Howlett,Stone Culp
McKenzie Long,Edgar Slaten
Warren Mink,Jimmy Hardy
Dwight Bowling,Kenny Renew
Mary Beth Crane,Wes Crane
Jeff Hall,Brandon Messex
B.B. Garrison,Kevin Tice
Scott Romero,Danny Harrell
Robert Hale,Frank Rowland
Jerry Hartley,Andrew Putnam
Robert “Butch” Mays,Jim McLean
Durant Arrington,Mark Glasscock
Troy Jeffcoat,Christy Hillard
Tom Griffith,Robert Picard

Best Paint
Marc Yearwood

Best Engine
Jimmy Hardy

Best Interior
Robert Mays

People’s Choice
Bert Knupp

Best of Show
Scott Romero

Thanks to all ourĀ sponsors!

Bug’n in July would not be possible without the help of our sponsors. We would like to thank these sponsors that helped make this year’s Bug’n show happen:

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