New Bug documentary movie in the works

The Bug Movie is a feature length documentary film about the most beloved and recognizable vehicle on Earth, the Volkswagen Beetle.

This is the the greatest automotive story ever told. From race car to art car and grocery getter to road warrior, the VW Beetle has served humanity in ways only limited by the owner’s creativity and needs. The Beetle has enabled progress and captured the hearts and minds of the human race over the better part of the last century. A machine rooted in practicality that has brought love and stability where there was none. A car that fulfilled dreams and gave mobility to the masses. It’s become an icon, bringing smiles to faces around the globe.

“The Bug” is the “prequel” to their last film, “The Bus” (, which was also funded on Kickstarter. “The Bus” has screened in dozens of countries around the world in film festivals, theaters and backyard barbecues in front of smiling audiences of all ages. If you liked “The Bus,” you will love “The Bug.”With this new film, they aim to continue the fun-loving spirit that these vehicles inspire and let the love and good road roll on.

You can help fund the making of this movie on Kickstarter. Hurry! Funding deadline is July 11!