Welcome to the NAVWC


Welcome to The North Alabama Volkswagen Club. Our group is made up of water and aircooled Volkswagen enthusiasts from North Alabama and the surrounding areas. Together, we formed the NAVWC to help promote and spread our passion for VW’s. We also gather together to discuss what’s new in the world of Volkswagen, check out each other’s rides, cruise, and sometimes just hang out.

We also host an annual car show, called Bug’n In July, to benefit our sponsored charity, Crisis Services of North Alabama. This year, there’s been a few changes made to our show. It’s now a one-day show and while it’s still in Decatur, it’s in a much better location. Check out the Bug’n page for all the details.

If you’d like some more information on the North Alabama Volkswagen Club, please contact us or check out our membership section. You can also come sit in on one of our monthly business meetings or our informal Get-Togethers and cruises throughout the year. The locations are subject to change, so check the meeting section before heading out to make sure we’re there!

Correction: Schnitzel Ranch is NOT closed

We were recently contacted by the Schnitzel Ranch after they saw our Christmas party post about them being closed. Someone has been spreading rumors about them going out of business, but they are NOT closing. They ARE still in business. To celebrate the fact that they’re still open, we thought we’d move our January business club meeting (on the 1st Tuesday of Jan.) to the Schnitzel Ranch.

The Schnitzel Ranch is located at 1851 University Drive Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35801.


Club Christmas Party – Dec. 20th – UPDATE

UPDATE 2 (12-18-2014): We were contacted by the Schnitzel Ranch and they have confirmed that rumors of their closing are greatly exaggerated! They are NOT closing. They ARE still in business. At this late date, we will keep our Christmas party at Hildegard’s but we thought we’d move our January club meeting (on the 1st Tuesday of Jan.) to the Schnitzel Ranch.

UPDATE: We just found out the Schnitzel Ranch has closed, so we will be having our club party at the Hildegard’s German Cuisine on Whitesburg Drive at 6:00 pm (not 6:30 pm) on December 20. (Address below)

Join us for the annual NAVWC Christmas Party! Since the Schnitzel Ranch has closed, we will be having our club party at the Hildegard’s German Cuisine on Whitesburg Drive at 6:00 pm on December 20th. All club members and their families are invited.

In true Christmas spirit, we will definitely have our gift exchange again this year. To participate in the gift exchange,  you must bring a gift, so you will need to bring a new, unused, wrapped gift that’s under $20 to exchange. Though this is often called a “Dirty Santa” party, that’s only because recipients can “steal” gifts a few times before they are frozen. Please make sure your gift is family friendly.

Please note that the club will not pick up the tab for everyone’s dinner. Everyone is responsible for their own meal and drink tab. 

Hildegard’s German Cuisine
2357 C Whitesburg Drive
Huntsville, AL 35801

2014 Christmas Parade & Toys for Tots

Christmas is almost upon us and this year we thought we’d switch things up. Instead of participating in the Channel 31 Christmas parade, we thought we’d do a little something extra to help out the kids and participate in a Toys for Tots Charity Car Show.

The Southern Street Toys Toys for Tots Benefit Car Show will be held December 6th from 9am-2pm at Advance Auto Parts, 4710 University Drive Huntsville, AL 35816. Registration is two new unwrapped toys. Trophies will be awarded for: Best in Show, Kids Choice, Mopar, Chevy, Ford, Import, Truck, and Bike. There will be raffles and prizes awarded throughout the day. The show is free to all spectators, but toy donations or those wishing to drop off toys are greatly appreciated! Additional questions can be sent to southernstreettoys@yahoo.com.

From Huntsville Car Scene.com: http://www.huntsvillecarscene.com/showthread.php?t=8885#ixzz3KEps4bWQ

Fall Colors Cruise – Oct 18th


Join us for our annual Fall Colors Cruise! On October 18th, we’ll meet at the Garden Plaza hotel (used to be the Holiday Inn) by the Decatur River bridge at 9 AM. We’ll leave around 9:30 AM and head for Brushy Lake in Bankhead National Forest where we’ll have lunch and dinner and camp overnight. It’s a beautiful drive into the country and a great way to get away from it all and see all the colorful autumn foliage.

If you can make it, bring something to sit on, something to eat, and a couple of blankets if you’re going to camp.

Check our Twitter page for updates closer to the 18th. If we cancel due to weather, we’ll post there: http://www.twitter.com/navwc